Restoration of the Kinni

Restoration of the Kinnickinnic River through dam removal would help our river to stay cold and clean, provide additional green park space near our main street, and give us the opportunity to increase our use of solar power.

The dams are causing an increase of the river’s temperature from about 61 degrees above the dams to 65 degrees below the dams. This warming is approaching the threshold temperature for the survival of the trout and other living organisms in the river.

When the dams are removed, the stagnant and eutrophic waters of the impoundments will be replaced with a free flowing cold and clean river. New parkland with nesting area for waterfowl could be created where the impoundments exist today. Additional handicapped accessible trails would provide beautiful views of the river for all. Natural limestone waterfalls would again be exposed and likely attract more tourists to our town.

Our hydro-electric facility produces only 1 to 2 percent of the city’s total consumption of electricity. We could replace this with green solar energy without any negative effects on the Kinnickinnic River.

River Falls is a wonderful community! Let’s continue to share ideas and listen to each other. We all want what is best for our river and our town.

Please consider attending the multiday Kinnickinnic Corridor Planning Charrette (workshop) Oct. 25-28 at the library. Everyone in the community is invited to come and share ideas, learn, and give input as we all move forward to do what is best for the Kinnickinnic River and River Falls.

Sarah Hall
River Falls

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