Truly make RF the City on the Kinni

I was blessed to move to River Falls from the flat lands of Western Minnesota nearly 40 years ago. I purchased a home in the southwest corner of town and was quick to discover that a couple hundred yards down the hill was the beautiful Kinni River.

Nearly every day since I have walked the Kinni with my dogs observing multiple species of birds, trout, deer, raccoons, opossum, otters, fox, rabbits, squirrels, and even one bear and a rattlesnake. The beauty of nature and sounds of the river have always brought me joy. When friends visit, they often ask, “Where is the falls?” I have always answered, “We don’t have falls anymore, we have dams and these ugly ponds in town, but just over the hill I can show you the beautiful Kinni.”

They too have been amazed by the Kinni. Now we have a chance to bring the beauty and wonders of the Kinni to the City. Removing the upper and lower dams would restore the natural beauty of the Kinni in River Falls. You get a glimpse of what removing the dams would do just by looking at the natural, flowing Kinni north of Division Street where once sat an ugly sediment pond.

Removing the two dams would restore a natural, flowing Kinni surrounded by public land and parks right in the middle of River Falls.

Since I have moved to River Falls so much has been done to beautify our city: parks, gardens, flowers, landscaped streets, and beautification of the UWRF campus. We now have a chance to truly make River Falls The City on the Kinni.

Please urge your friends, neighbors, and city officials to support this effort.

Dr. Robert Johnson
River Falls

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